Timothy “Smitty” Smith grew up being a jokester since the age of 8.

Ever since that young age, he has always attempted to find humor in everyday conversations and life with family and friends. He is a man who loves to joke and is a master at “a play on words” type of humor. Once you get his style, you get his humor.

 His goal for everyone who reads and hears his material is to “think outside the norm” of the original meaning of a word or phrase. Sometimes, it requires a little more thought but once you get one joke, you should get most of them. 'For a Pun Time call Smitty' is his 2nd book he has written and he hopes it will brighten everyone’s day who reads it.

So sit back, relax, and open his book of jokes and puns and enjoy his humorous world along with him! If you like it, please share with others because one thing we all need today is more humor and laughter! 

Thank You for your support!

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